Batik art workshops in schools

art workshops

Offering young people a unique creative experience. Children at your school can design and produce stunning giant batik paintings. Using the traditional art of Indonesian Batik on the theme of Dragons, Ancient Greeks, Romans, The Great Fire of London, Aesop’s Fables, Creation, life-cycles, India, Africa, or even the schools motto.

From the initial design through to the multi-layered painting of wax and dye, students aged between 4 -14 remain involved in this extraordinary medium until the work of art is complete. Always based on a theme, our workshops increase cultural awareness, promote self-esteem and encourage children with a diverse range of needs – and the school is left with an amazing Batik Painting.

Eekbatik is Sarah and ‘M’ both professional batik artists specialising in art workshops in schools. Working as a duo they offer dynamic exciting art workshops creating giant batik paintings in a creative learning environment. Eekbatik have been running workshops in schools and community centres since 2003.

It only takes ONE DAY to produce a giant batik for the school.

noahs-arkThese workshops increases cultural awareness through chosen stories and themes. They develop personal creative thought processes and ideas. They promotes self-esteem and small group co-operation. They also include and encourage students with a diverse range of needs. The art workshops give a unique opportunity to work with professional artists in small groups which are positive and very exciting for all involved. Each batik is unique, designed and created by the children.  Classes work together collaboratively applying  melted wax and water based dyes on to cotton whilst  learning about colour, resist, design and texture. 

Below are three of nine giant batiks designed by year one’s 

They were produced as part of a 5 day residency with nine classes of
reception children at Charlton Kings Infant School, Cheltenham.

receptionjungle SpaceReception1“What a fantastic experience our 270 children had with our friends from Eekbatik! Each class produced a themed batik which we have hung proudly around our school.

The artists gave the children the opportunity to work with professionals and what excellent value they were. We can’t wait to host Eekbatik again! I highly recommend them.”

Judith Pandazis – Head teacher Charlton Kings Junior school



Every child has contributed drawings for their theme, learnt to paint with inks, saw how colours mix …… and learned about resistance when using hot wax. Sarah and Marie-Therese worked with the children, encouraging them to work with care and building their confidence every step of the way. They shared their genuine delight as the pictures evolved. This was a truly magical, artistic experience for our children, and one I would highly recommend to any other school who maybe thinking of inviting visiting artists to work with their classes. It was a wonderful experience for us all.”

Pauline Travers – Art Co-ordinator Charlton Kings Infant School

Eekbatik have worked with “The Guardian Newspaper” for the Big Draw, “The Ledbury Poetry Festival” over 3 years creating flags to line the streets, and had batiks displayed in the “National Gallery: as part of the Take One initiative. Over 500 giant batiks have already been produced in schools.