Eekbatik work short-listed and on display at the Natural History Museum

birdsMalvernhills.jpgEekbatik and the children of of St James CE Primary School, West Malvern created a giant batik detailing rare and protected wildlife of the Malvern Hills which has been short-listed in the Global Canvas David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSFT) competition, and is being taken down to the Natural History Museum to be judged on the 19th March…. How wonderful! Well done to the kids from St James CE Primary School, to be short-listed for this award is it self quite simply outstanding when you consider it is a “national” competition.

This annual children’s competition is part of DSWF’s Art for Survival programme. Established in 2004 it encourages young people to express their concern for the environment and, in particular, the endangered species with whom we share our fragile planet, through art and poetry.

It is vitally important to raise environmental awareness in children from an early age and it is our aim to bring conservation issues into schools and to individuals. We offer practical advice on how schoolchildren, their teachers and families can help in our fight to save wildlife, the habitat and the local communities who depend on it. David Shepherd, CBE

Over the years the titles, which are always on an environmental theme, have included: THE HUMAN FOOTPRINT; GLOBAL WARNING; TOMORROW’S WORLD and S.O.S.

The title for 2015 is: We Can Heal Our World  and we invite schools and individuals from around the world to think about the impact that we, as humans, are having on our planet and the species, many of them threatened with extinction, with whom we share it.

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2 Responses to Eekbatik work short-listed and on display at the Natural History Museum

  1. CMG says:

    Fantastic! How about a mention of the part played by children of St James CE Primary School, West Malvern? We want to share this with proud friends and relatives!

  2. Android says:

    Yes of course, an oversight on our part, I have amended the post to reflect the most excellent input from the students of St James CE Primary School” (West Malvern) with out whom the batik would not exist…Well done kids !

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