School Workshops

The Ingredients you need to Eekbatik your school.


Rainbow serpent batik

For Two Giant Batiks You Will NeedĀ 

1. Two classes of children of any age – reception up to year six

2. A6 sized drawings by each pupil, needed two weeks in advance of workshop

3. One box of powdered disposable glovesĀ 

4. Two eekbatik artists Sarah & M

5. And we supply a Citroen Belingo full of all the other necessary ingredients, wax, cotton, dyes etc. plus the magic ingredients, positivity, energy, fun, encouragement, enthusiasm and humour.

The recipe is most successful when made in one room, on two groups of tables (the usual rectangular shape are best in two groups of four, one for each batik.) The school also needs to add two classroom assistants into the mix to ferry the children back and forth at the correct times.

The batiks are left at the school ready to hang, having been ironed by us at the end of the school day.

Please download the detailed guidance sheet and don’t hesitate to contact us for any help with stories, themes prep etc.

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