Workshop Guidelines

Eekbatik in Schools Guidance Sheet

(Download this guidance sheet here)

School preparation

We need to receive the drawings from your children at least 2 weeks before the workshop.

All drawings to be done in pencil or black pen – please send us the originals, not photocopies (we will return the originals to you on the day).

Keep the drawings simple – avoid areas of shading.

Cut a piece of A4 paper in half and then half again to see the size A6.

Each drawing to be no larger than ¼ of an A4 sheet (A6)

What to draw

Having chosen your theme or story ask the children to illustrate one piece of the picture- not the whole picture.

Encourage the children to produce the best drawings they can on the given theme, the more reference material the better. A variety of pictures are needed for us to compose an interesting picture.

Think on the whole large picture, the context, the scenery, clouds, birds, the sun, flowers, tree, rivers, mountains etc.

Where to send the drawings

eekbatik, 9 Michael Crescent, Malvern, WORCS, WR14 1U
Please clearly label with your school name and address.

The running order of the day

It’s always useful if a timetable has been sorted out before we arrive. We think it is important for each child to have 2 sessions with us. One session learning how to use the hot wax and one session using the dyes. This way they experience the whole batik process.

The easiest way to work this is to divide the school day into 2 halves, with 4 to 5 sessions in each half depending on your school hours. These sessions can be between 30 – 40 mins long.

We do waxing up to the first break – then dyeing up until lunch. In the afternoon we do waxing again for the first half ending up with a second layer of dyeing to complete the picture.

No more than 7 children in the waxing sessions and 8 children in the dyeing sessions.

What you need to supply

Tables to work on – all the same height to hold a batik 70” x 40”.

Access to a power point and water/sink.

A WELL VENTILATED SPACE– must be in a room with windows/doors to the outside.

The same workspace all day that we can also use during the lunch break.

1 box of disposable gloves for children to wear while applying dye.

Aprons/shirts with name stickers on if you have time.

An assistant is required to be at the all the sessions

How to pick our brains

Please show the website to the children before we arrive, this will help inform and inspire them with the project.

Please do contact us so we can answer any questions you may have :

Tel: 07518 883 523 Email:

Thank you for inviting us to your school, we know we’ll all have a fun day making a beautiful batik to hang in your school for many years to come.

We look forward to working with you Sarah Jones and Marie-Therese King