Our six year olds used descriptions such as “amazing, fantastic, beautiful, the best thing I have ever done !”

It has been lovely to get such positive responses and feedback. The staff all want a workshop now

Alison Stephens – Art Co-ordinator Benhall School

Excellent. Well organized, good relationship with children who enjoyed task and learnt a lot. I most liked the large scale batik it was beautiful and the children had a real sense of pride in what they had achieved.

All the staff really enjoyed the day and the children were fully engaged with the project. It was such a positive time that we have invited Marie-Therese to come and do another as part of our “Opportunities Week

Jackie Vialle  –  Betteridge Scool


I feel like a real artist

This is fantastic


“The workshop was a great success and thoroughly enjoyed by all the children. The finished batik looked great can’t wait to see it all ironed out and hangong. Thanks for giving our school the opportunity to do it.”

 Many, many thanks Sarah – we all thoroughly enjoyed your visit, creating a wonderful piece of artwork was brilliant fun. I know the adults got as much out of it as the children. Hope you can come again before too long.

Pete Hines – St John’s Pupil Referral Unit


Thank you for the great experience during the art festival. We learnt how to use hot wax and we haven’t done this before in our life and it was great fun it was easy

 “My best thing was the purple horse and the cathedral. The batik is going to be displayed in the entrance hall, I hope that everyone who sees it will be impressed.”

“Thanks for coming to the unit last week…My favourite part was the dye and meeting you. You are very nice and I enjoyed it lots and lots I hope you had fun too.”

Pupils –  St Johns PRU


I had  lots of fun, it was great. My favourite part was when I had to show everybody how to use the kisscup”

“I learned that when you put hot wax on some thing and when you paint over it, it does not run over the wax it stays in sections (I didn’t know that)

Pupils from – Hawkesly Church Primary School


 “We invited Eekbatik to our school as visiting artists, to share their skills and creativity. What a success it turned out to be, as we now have nine wonderful masterpieces in our school! Every child has contributed drawings for their theme, learnt to paint with inks, see how colours mix to transform a painting and learn about resistance when using wax. Sarah and Marie -Therese worked with the children, encouraging them to work with care and building their confidence every step of the way. They shared their genuine delight as the pictures evolved. This was a truly magical, artistic experience for our children, and one I would highly recommend to any other school who may be thinking of inviting visiting artists to work with their classes. It was a wonderful experience for us all.”

Pauline Travers  Art Co-ordinator   Charlton Kings Infants school.